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This is a new reality born from the productive and commercial cooperation of two important nurseries together with many other small growers. We grow ornamental plants for outdoor use. The nurseries are located in Pistoia in the marvelous setting of Tuscany region in Italy, the name, tuscanygrowers is due to this. Having a complementary production, the two companies decided to combine their peculiarities and their know-how to present themselves together to national and international markets. Moreover, for decade VIVAI PIANTE BIAGINI and VIVAI PIANTE MASETTI SABINO have contributed to build the fame of Pistoia, as the capital of European greenery, all over the world, thanks to their production which they have sold to the best known Pistoia nurseries.

Vivai Piante Biagini

In 1952 Antonio Biagini founder of the company, pushed the adventure of nursery thanks to his passion for the land, the intuition that in addition to agriculture the earth could give other fruits and the conviction that human work could be helped and improved by technology. Since then a lot of time passed and other members have entered to make the company stronger and bigger. The central core consists of an area of 10 hectares with 10,000 square meters of heated greenhouses for the growth of young plants and 3,000 square meters of greenhouses equipped with computerized light controls, basal temperature, and relative humidity, essential for cuttings and young plants. The production boasts a wide range of articles: from vines to roses, from evergreens to deciduous plants, from conifers to bamboo, from perennial herbaceous plants to exotic ones.

Vivai Masetti Sabino

The nursery is directed by Daniele and Gianna Masetti who have inherited it by his father Sabino from whom they also got the passion for the cultivation of the plants. Founded in 1960, the company is specialized in medium and big rootballed specimen, in rootballed and potted trees and shrubs (Magnolia-Prunus-Ilex-Photinia). It produces typical Mediterranean plants (Acca sellowiana-Olea-Chamaerops), many varieties of conifers (Picea-Abies-Cedrus-Taxus), from the most traditional to the newest, continuously experimenting new shape and type of production. The company is also specialized in topiary plants (bonsai, espaliers, multitrunk etc.) and in the production of palm trees. Masetti Sabino nurseries also boast the MPS certification (CODE 804024), reflecting the constant search for sustainable production while respecting the environment.


The companies are able to organize transport of goods throughout Europe and beyond, arranging the load of loose plants, on pallets, in wooden boxes and on trolleys. Moreover, thanks to their specialized technicians, they are able to provide technical-agronomic advice regarding the selection and use of the most suitable plant varieties to be used in the most different contexts. Finally, on request, we can provide labels on which can be inserted any information required by the customer: plant name, photo, customer logo, barcode, personalized price.

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Our Amazing Team

"green is not just a color, it is a philosophy"

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Barbara Fontani

Tuscany Growers

Sales Manager for "Tuscany Growers" Telephone Contact: (+39) 380 472 7498

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Susanna Livi

Vivai Biagini

partner & general manager Biagini Vivai (azienda agricola San Giovanni)

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Gianna Masetti

Vivai Sabino Masetti

Owner together with Daniele Masetti "Vivai Masetti Sabino"

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